Pakistan Students: Get Ready for Study Abroad with AshreiTech & SHA

Pakistan Students: Get Ready for Study Abroad with AshreiTech & SHA

AshreiTech Academy and SHA Advisory are proud to announce a strategic partnership focused on empowering students for successful study abroad journeys. This collaboration equips students with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to navigate career choices, academic exploration, and navigating life abroad.

Under this agreement, SHA Advisory, led by Sheikh Hammad Amjad, will offer specialized training modules. These modules will focus on career guidance, helping students discover their strengths and interests and align them with potential academic and career paths abroad. They will also delve into study abroad opportunities, demystifying the application process, navigating visa requirements, and exploring various international education options. In addition, a crucial component will be technology skills training for global success under the Youth Tech Accelerator Program by AshreiTech Academy.

SHA Advisory will provide a comprehensive learning experience for students. This includes curated training materials to guide them through the application process and academic planning.  Weekly consultations with experts will offer personalized guidance and support. Engaging content addressing key concerns and successful study abroad journeys will be delivered through informative podcasts and YouTube sessions.

AshreiTech Academy, with its expertise in technology training, will play a vital role, looking after the student enrolment in relevant tech skills training programs, enhancing their competitive edge for international education. State-of-the-art infrastructure will be offered for SHA Advisory to conduct sessions, and AshreiTech Academy will promote SHA Advisory as their exclusive partner in this domain.

At the signing ceremony held at AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP, Sheikh Hammad Amjad, Business Therapist at SHA Advisory said,

“We are excited to partner with AshreiTech Academy as it strengthens our commitment to student success. By combining our expertise, we provide students with a holistic approach, ensuring they are well-equipped for both academic success and a smooth transition abroad. Equipping them with technology skills before they embark on their study abroad journey will give them a significant advantage.”

Sana Shah, Director Academy at AshreiTech adds,

“This partnership with SHA Advisory is a significant step towards our shared vision of positioning Pakistan as a hub for top-tier tech talent. By equipping students with the academic grounding, career guidance, and in-demand technology skills needed to thrive both domestically and internationally, we empower them to become valuable assets in the global tech workforce. This not only benefits their individual success but also strengthens Pakistan’s reputation as a source of highly skilled professionals”

This strategic partnership signifies a shared commitment to supporting students in their academic and professional journeys. By merging expertise and resources, AshreiTech Academy and SHA Advisory empower students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in their study abroad pursuits.

By equipping students with in-demand technology skills relevant to their chosen field of study, the partnership fosters a smooth transition into overseas education programs. Register your interest here to learn more about the Youth Tech Accelerator Program.

About SHA:

SHA Advisory is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, emerging startups, and organizations within the development sector by enhancing their capabilities, offering mentorship, and delivering expert consulting services. The firm has expanded its impact by forging a strategic partnership with AshreiTech, evidenced by a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to propel the Youth Tech Accelerator Programme forward. Historically, SHA Advisory’s seasoned team members have contributed their expertise to a variety of consulting projects, collaborating with esteemed entities such as GIZ, the British Council, and the United Nations, among others.

SHA Advisory also excels in providing Business Therapy based on years of combined experience to aspiring young entrepreneurs, guiding them to broaden their scope and enhance their entrepreneurial capacity. This specialized service is tailored to nurture the business acumen of innovators poised for growth in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.