Exploring AI’s Impact and Shaping Innovation: AshreiTech Participates at OPEN Silicon Valley Annual Forum 2023

Silicon Valley, CA (4th November 2023)
The OPEN Silicon Valley Annual Forum 2023 brought together some of the brightest minds in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and generative AI professionals. Themed “Age of Artificial Intelligence,” this year’s event provided a unique platform for attendees to gain profound insights into the world of artificial intelligence, featuring industry experts, legal authorities, cutting-edge AI applications, and the latest AI developments.
AshreiTech Takes the Lead as Platinum Sponsor
AshreiTech, a renowned global technology enabler, proudly took the spotlight as the Platinum Sponsor for the OPEN Silicon Valley Annual Forum 2023. The event witnessed active participation of AshreiTech’s founding members and portfolio companies, including Rahim Iqbal, Haider Waheed, Owais Zaidi, and Sohail Zindani. Among the portfolio companies were Umair Azam from Integration Xperts, Waqas Mirza and Ali Safri from Avanza Innovations, and Faiz Shuja and Damian Miller from Rewterz and SIRP respectively.
Waqas Mirza, CEO of Avanza Innovations, was part of the panel discussion on the “Evolution & Challenges of Artificial Intelligence”. He shared his invaluable insights, expertise, and visionary outlook for the future of AI. The panel featured distinguished co-panelists, including Mediha Ali (Counsel, Pillsbury) and Sharad Malhautra (Co- Founder/CEO, DSilo Inc), with Raja Iqbal (Founder/CEO, Data Science Dojo) moderating the discussion. Sohail Zindani, Director and Co-Founder of AshreiTech, and Umair Azam, CEO of Integration Xperts, were also featured speakers at this international event. The event sessions and workshops provided an in-depth exploration of AI’s influence and allowed for meaningful connections with leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Attendees represented a diverse group of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and professionals from top tech companies, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook. With an expanding global footprint, AshreiTech aimed to share its valuable strategies and initiatives with the international technology community. At the OPEN Silicon Valley Annual Conference 2023, delegates actively engaged in insightful discussions, forged significant connections, and collaborated to shape a future driven by technological advancement and innovation.

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