AshreiTech & Data n Dashboards Partner: Powering Students with Tableau & Data Skills

AshreiTech & Data n Dashboards Partner: Powering Students with Tableau & Data Skills

AshreiTech Academy and Data n Dashboards are excited to announce a collaborative partnership focused on equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the data-driven world.

This strategic alliance will offer comprehensive training programs in Tableau, a leading data visualization software, along with a dedicated Youth Tech Accelerator Program. Through this initiative, individuals will gain expertise in data analysis and communication, becoming valuable assets in today’s data-centric environment.

“At Data n Dashboards, we are passionate about fostering data literacy,” said Muhammad Mubashir Mukhtar, Founder and CEO of Data n Dashboards.

“This partnership with AshreiTech Academy allows us to empower the next generation of data professionals by providing them with industry-relevant training and mentorship.”

AshreiTech Academy will leverage its state-of-the-art training facilities to host Data n Dashboards’ programs. Students will benefit from the expertise of highly qualified trainers as they navigate the intricacies of Tableau and data analysis.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Data n Dashboards to offer these specialized training programs,” said Sana Shah, Director Academy at AshreiTech Academy.

“By combining our resources and expertise, we can create a dynamic learning environment that equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in today’s data-driven job market.”

The collaboration extends beyond just training. Both AshreiTech Academy and Data n Dashboards are committed to setting young minds on a successful path. We understand that today’s youngsters are digital natives, comfortable with technology in their everyday lives. But simply using social media or playing games doesn’t translate to data literacy or the ability to truly leverage technology’s potential.


Through this partnership, we aim to empower them with the skills to go beyond basic use. Participants will learn how to analyze information, communicate insights effectively through data visualization, and become valuable assets in a data-driven world. These skills will not only open doors to exciting job opportunities, but also equip them to think critically, solve problems creatively, and make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.


Additionally, both organizations are committed to job placement for graduates, working collaboratively to connect them with relevant opportunities within the industry. They will jointly promote the programs across various digital platforms to maximize student enrollment and industry awareness.

This partnership signifies a strong commitment to bridging the data skills gap and empowering the future workforce. By combining AshreiTech Academy’s dedication to quality education with Data n Dashboards’ industry expertise, this collaboration paves the way for a future filled with data-driven innovation.

If you are interested in joining the inaugural cohort of the Youth Tech Accelerator Program, register your interest here.


About Data n Dashboards:

Data n Dashboards is a leading Data as a Service (DaaS) provider. We empower organizations across the public, social, and private sectors to unlock the power of data and make informed decisions. Our expertise lies in comprehensive data solutions offering a range of services, from data storage and analysis to insightful dashboards and training. We collaborate with Tableau, Snowflake, and Automated Insights to bring cutting-edge technology to your fingertips. Contact Data n Dashboards at to learn how you can transform your data into actionable insights.