AshreiTech Collaborates with Rewterz for Global Expansion in Cybersecurity Services.

AshreiTech Collaborates with Rewterz for Global Expansion in Cybersecurity Services.

AshreiTech Collaborates with Rewterz for Global Expansion in Cybersecurity Services


October 12, 2023: Karachi, Pakistan — AshreiTech, a leading player in the information technology sector, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Rewterz.

In a strategic move, AshreiTech joins forces with Rewterz to establish Rewterz, Inc., a corporation limited by shares in Texas, USA. This newly formed entity is dedicated to delivering comprehensive information technology services to a worldwide audience.

This collaboration represents a pivotal step towards leveraging the collective strengths and expertise of both organizations to provide unmatched cybersecurity services and solutions to an expanded client base globally.

Rewterz will be managing the global Security Operation Centers (SOC), Network Operation Center (NOC), and Data Centres along with Cybersecurity trainings at the Academy located at AshreiTech, NASTP in Karachi. Additionally, Rewterz will extend its core services, focusing on Cybersecurity, along with consultation, advisory, and technical evaluation services to private and public sector entities.

This strategic partnership was signed by Syed Azhar Ali Nasir, Director and Co-Founder of AshreiTech, and Faiz Ahmad Shuja, Founder and Chairman of Rewterz.


Syed Azhar Ali Nasir, Director and Co-Founder of AshreiTech, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating,

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in the cybersecurity sector. It combines the strengths of both AshreiTech and Rewterz, enabling us to offer unparalleled cybersecurity services globally.”


Faiz Ahmad Shuja, Founder and Chairman of Rewterz, shared his enthusiasm, stating,

“We are excited about the endless possibilities that this joint venture offers. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to elevate our offerings in the cybersecurity domain.”


“We are confident that the collaboration between AshreiTech and Rewterz will result in the delivery of innovative and tailored cybersecurity offerings. This partnership aligns with our vision to enhance the technology landscape, ensuring world-class security and operational efficiency,” said Nasir, emphasizing the commitment to client satisfaction and continuous improvement.

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About Rewterz::

Rewterz provides full-scale, comprehensive cybersecurity offerings. Not just the small stuff. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that every aspect of our security measures is synergized and coordinated for optimum efficiency. By having a cohesive force surrounding your information, you can rest easy knowing it’s under the strongest guard. We aim to change the industry by providing well-researched data that you can use, rather than a maze of dense statistics. The actionability of the information we supply will give your company a leading edge and clear strategization opportunities. We’re utilizing our world-class skills to construct a next-generation analytics solution, fusing our advanced R&D knowledge and big-data security analytics technologies. For more information log onto: or contact via email: