AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP Forges Strategic Partnership with Learning Minds for Innovative Soft Skills Training

AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP Forges Strategic Partnership with Learning Minds for Innovative Soft Skills Training

KARACHI, [Date] — In a strategic move towards enhancing the holistic development of students, AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP proudly announces its partnership with Learning Minds, a renowned center of excellence in blended learning and training programs.

The focus of the partnership is to integrate essential soft skills training seamlessly into the comprehensive curriculum offered by AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP. This collaboration marks a significant step in unlocking boundless opportunities for students to confidently shape their personal brand in the corporate realm.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between AshreiTech and Learning Minds solidifies the commitment to delivering a well-rounded educational experience. All soft skills courses, including Communication Skills, Email Writing, Interview Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Priority Management, Work Ethics, and Professional Grooming,
will be designed and delivered by a team of expert trainers at Learning Minds. The MoU was signed between Sana Shah, Director Academy at AshreiTech and Muzna Ali, Corporate Trainer and Consultant, and General Manager, Training at Learning Minds, who was accompanied by Fizza Alwani.

Muzna Ali, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Soft skills are the cornerstone of professional success. Our partnership with AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP aims to provide students not only with cutting-edge technical knowledge but also with the essential soft skills that are critical in today’s dynamic workplace.”

Alwani shared, “At Learning Minds, we believe in empowering individuals and organizations through intelligent, effective, and enjoyable learning experiences. This partnership allows us to contribute to the holistic growth of students and prepare them for the challenges of the professional world.”

AshreiTech Academy @ NASTP is renowned for upskilling young professionals on emerging technologies. Now, with the incorporation of Learning Minds’ expertise in soft skills training, the academy aims to provide students with a comprehensive and competitive edge in the corporate landscape.

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